Moving On Up

Our little guy turned two last month.   And today, in an impromptu trip to Ikea, we bought a big boy bed. The assembly was messy with a screwdriver wielding toddler helping us tighten all the screws (and a few other things).   And, then we went upstairs and, with that same toddler's help, disassembled the crib.

And, I felt a pang.  The tiny little baby we brought home at 7 pounds 12 ounces and 20 inches long is now a 28 pound, just short of three foot, curly headed boy.

The days go slow and the years fast--and that big boy bed has been the first big step away from baby.  I hope that he is ready.  I am not sure that I am...

This big boy/baby dance is a tough one.  It's exercise for the heart...because someday, if we do our job right, that bed will be empty and our big boy will be a man.


Manisha said…
So short and yet so poignant. I love all that you have written this month!
Joy said…
Thank you Manisha. At the moment the deliriously tired big boy is loose in his room "napping". Which, from downstairs, sounds suspiciously like walking around.

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