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A message to our community regarding the protesters last night...

The Good Friday Protesters As many of you know, and witnessed, a group of picketers (roughly four in number) targeted St. Clement’s last night. The picketers were targeting the LGBTQ community and their allies and carried signs and yelled slurs. My first reaction was worry, for all of you who had to witness this kind of hate. My second was the recognition that we were being targeted because we proclaim the Gospel—the Gospel that speaks to the love of all of God’s children. And, in this, I was glad. I was also deeply moved by the genuine love and care so many of you shared with me and each other as we faced this act of hate. You, my beloved community, are amazing. Now, that said, Bishop Brian Prior has been informed and sends a message of love and care to St. Clement’s. The police will be making extra patrols tonight as we gather for our Vigil services. And, in reaching out to my network of area clergy, it is clear that we are not the only ones who have been targeted by these protesters…

Lent 3B

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To Know By Heart
What do you know by heart?
1x1=1; 1x2=2; 1x3=3…so on and so forth.
A bit of Blake, “Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright, in the forests of the night…”
The “Our Father who art in heaven…”
What do you know by heart?
The muscle memory of a pirouette.
The smell of camellia flowers.
The colors of the rainbow.
What do you know by heart?
Psalm 23.
The Sound of Music
The love that endures all things.
What do you know by heart?
What verses have been committed to memory?
What graces, roll of the tongue?
What prayers are given breath without thinking?
What do you know by heart? Consider this for a moment…
I will never forget one of the first pastoral visits I ever made, standing alongside a clergy friend and mentor, at the bedside of a dying man.
His breath was shallow, his eyes closed. And, as we prayed the Our Father, he took his breath and formed the words.
He knew them by heart.
They defined who he was in a way that gave him strength and assurance in his final days.…