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Life, Death, Water and a Beloved Son

Baptism of Our Lord, 2015B Scriptural selections appointed for today can be found here
In 2006, on my first day as a pediatric hospital chaplain, a transitional deacon in the church, I served as celebrant in the sacrament of holy baptism.  I did not want to do it.  I wanted to flee that room, that room that smelled like blood and grief.  But they all looked at me, this circle of family.  And I did.  I said the word and prayed the prayers and poured the water.    
And, the heavens were torn open and the Spirit screamed.  And, the water felt insufficient to the task.  
But it was all we had.
And, in those sterile drops of water and a gauze square to dry the droplets that were like tears, were all the yesterdays and todays of centuries.  In that water was the desperate hope for new creation and impossibilities made possible.  In that water was the sum total of all that anyone had ever hoped, dreamed, dared or proclaimed in the name of love.  
And, the heavens were torn open and the Spirit scre…