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Proper 13C, In Which I Preach Another Sermon About Hope While Feeling Pretty Darn Hopeless

The readings for this week can be found here (using the Hosea passage)
If you attend the 8:15am service in the Spring you will find that the light comes through the stained glass window in such a way, that the most stunningly beautiful aspect of its composition is the crown of thorns as it sits in the lap of the Mother of God.
It radiates in ruby tones. Standing out against the backdrop of grief, the backdrop of an empty cross from which a body has been taken and not yet risen.
I wonder, if her hands bled, if she clutched at this remnant of her son’s final moments regardless of the thorns.
I wonder at her wounding born of his wounds and I wonder at this peculiarity of this place. This church in which an empty cross adorns our space, but it is not yet the cross from which he rose and remains the place at which he died.
And, yet we turn our faces to the light, tipping our chins upwards to look into the light that beckons.Because while he is dead, we know also he has risen.
On Mon…

One Foundation

The texts for Proper 9 are found here
On All Saints’s Sunday, in the year 2003, I had the privilege of attending the consecration of Bishop Gene Robinson. Held in an arena, the stadium seats were full and there was a palpable sense of joy and excitement, tempered by fear.
Underneath his new robes, Bishop Robinson wore a bullet proof vest. And, each and every one of the 4000 people seated in the arena had passed through metal detectors and had their belonging searched prior to entering the building. So yes, there was joy, but there was also anxiety.
And yet, as the mighty swell of the organ began, a deep inhale could be heard as 4000 people sang, in unison and in full voice, the Church’s One Foundation. And the procession began and there was no turning back from this moment and Gene Robinson entered, along with 40 of his fellow Bishops, as well as banner bearers, Eucharistic ministers, choir—a veritable multitude singing and marching in defiant and joyful proclamation that we, as a c…