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20A, "There is nothing you can say or do..."

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You Are Enough
The early Israelites shared their ancestry with the Ninevites.
But, they had forgotten, Jonah had forgotten. That these people whom he thought so deserving of God’s wrath—were his people too.
They were people who shared in the common origins of his own community. They were people, living, dreaming, hoping, doing just as his people lived and dreamed and hoped and did.
He had forgotten.
And, in this, in this he was condemning not the Ninevites, but himself. His own people, his own origins, his own.
His own who were in fact God’s own people.
They had fallen short, they had done evil,
But they had turned back to God.
And, God in God’s inestimable mercy—a mercy far beyond that which Jonah himself understood—was forgiving.
Because God had not forgotten that these were his people as well.
They had not yet named God with their lips, but they were moving towards naming God in their actions. Becoming more akin to the people whom God intended …

18A, When Sin is the Place Where Jesus Shows Up

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2, 3, Jesus
Most of us know what it feels like to be alone in the world.
The first night after the break-up. The first night after leaving home. The first weeks, months or even years in a new city. Watching the news after everyone else has gone to bed. Endless scrolling in the middle of the night.
Feeling far away, even when close by.
Many of us know what it feels like to be alone in the world.
In this world that seems so, so, big—and us who seem so, so, small.
And, so, on this day. When the news once again overwhelms and so many of us feel uncertain about what is and what is to come.
I long to know that I am not alone.
That I am not the only one frightened; that I am not the only one anxious; that I am not the only one saddened by this world we are in.
And, that in this place and this time, I can turn to this gathered community as a place where I don’t have to go it alone. I can turn to this community, and the God to whom we give praise, fo…