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The Warp to the Weft

So, here we are.  A week after a day that was filled to the brim with emotion--with grief and loss, love and joy, fellowship and shared laughter, rituals and tears, music and food and flowers.  This is a community that knows the importance of saying “goodbye”, of closing the circle as it were.  And, I felt so deeply privileged to witness so concretely the support this community gave to each other and all those who grieved.  You are the church, you are Christ’s body in the world, you, each and every one of you.  
Sometimes it can be hard to remember why we do this, crazy thing we call “going to church” but, last week, I remembered.  Last Sunday served as a testimony to why community grounded in faith matters.  It matters, you matter, we matter.  Even when it is hard to see, even when the muckiness of life (of budgets and worries and fears and transitions) gets in the way--it is still there, this body of Christ, drawing us together and surprising us again and again.   
I look forward to l…

Ash Wednesday, St. Clement's Episcopal Church, 2014

When I began my work as a pediatric chaplain I was astonished to learn that there was only one religious service offered each year--Ash Wednesday.  The Roman Catholic priest who served the hospital explained that other services had been attempted but Ash Wednesday was the only service that people actually showed up for.  
I was somewhat incredulous.  No Christmas?  No Easter?  Just Ash Wednesday?  
And, believe it or not, it was quite literally the best attended Ash Wednesday liturgy I have ever experienced.  Hundreds of people came--patients, families, staff.  Those who could not attend the noon day service knew that we would come to each floor of the hospital carrying our ashes and inscribe a dusty cross upon anyone who requested one.     
I was literally stopped in the hallway again and again.  Do you have ashes?  Do you have ashes?  Can we still get ashes?  
Yes.  Yes.  And, yes.  
“Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return” as I carefully swept my thumb down and then acr…