Mother's Day--Just Another Sunday

We never made a fuss over Mother's Day while we were growing up, or since as adults.  I don't *think* it was the expectation and it certainly wasn't our family's tradition.

As an adult with a child of my own, we've turned Mother's Day into a celebration of our family of two mothers and a son.  A celebration of our love--but, most days are that, a celebration of our love that is.  So, Mother's Day is fairly low key.

This year, as a mother without a mother, I am wondering how to best deal with other's expectations--within the context of honoring folks expectations of what church should be like on mother's day.  I would prefer not to mention it at all--it's not a religious observance and I really think anyone who is still waiting on the timing/planning of her mother's memorial service should get to just skip it.   But, it's not my parish, they don't know my story (and I'm certainly not in a place to share it, nor would I at this point)--and I do think this sort of external affirmation of motherhood is incredibly important to many folk.

Internally, I'm going "wah!  I don't want to!"  But church, and this, is oh so rarely about me.  It's about us...our collective yet individual longing/yearning/being with a relational God (and more, so much more).

We'll see...we'll see.


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