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Proper 17A, 2014 St. Clement's "The Name"

If they ask me what is his name, what shall I say to them?
In so many ways, this sentence sums up the preacher’s dilemma.  If they ask me what his name is, what shall I say to them?
It can be so hard to name God in this world we live in.  
Searching and stumbling over language and rite...seeing God everywhere and nowhere, in everything and nothing.  Filling the God shaped hole in our lives and our world with version after version.   
The rendition with graying beard and booming voice--John Huston and Charleton Heston.  The countercultural version--Alanis Morrisette in Dogma.  Genial and buddy like, Morgan Freeman in Bruce the Almighty.  Crabby and fed up with all of us, George Burns.  British and therefore droll--making an appearance in all of the Monty Python films.  
If they ask me what is his name?  What shall I say to them?
Each week, trying to paint another picture, tell another story, sing another song, evoke another memory.
Using the tools we have of art, and scripture, of music and v…