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Easter 6B, I have called you friends...

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St. Clement’s is a place which values all people as full and equal members of our community with unique gifts to offer and spiritual lives to be nourished and tended. This is something that I do not take for granted and, as we prepare to welcome Bryan Bliss, our new Children, Youth and Family Formation Director, to St. Clement’s, I’ve been thinking about how grateful I am for St. Clement’s prioritization of multi-generational community.

And, so with gratitude I want to share with all of you one of the reasons I felt called to St. Clement’s…
It all started with a dinosaur.
Actually, two dinosaurs.
A triceratops and a styracosaurus.
Clutched in the hands of my then three-year-old, they accompanied him to church most Sundays.  Perched on the top of the pew, held tight at the altar rail, raised aloft at the dismissal.
They went everywhere…including to parish suppers.
And, one Wednesday night, early in my time here. We went to one of those suppers…

Easter 2B-The Wounded God

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When I accepted a call as a pediatric hospital chaplain, I knew that I would see suffering. I knew that I would be walking into other people’s worst nightmares.
And, I knew that there were those who wondered how I would manage to maintain my faith, my calling to the priesthood, in the face of unalleviated suffering.
“She’s not going to be a Christian anymore, not when she sees how awful it can be”
Yes, someone actually said this…
However, being the person I am, I took this not as some inevitable truth but, as a dare. I wasn’t going to the hospital to lose my faith—I was going to the hospital because of my faith.
And, because I was there with an underlying assumption that of COURSE God was there…I found myself attuned to the presence of God.
This did not mean that I experienced miraculous healings or near death experiences with tales of heavenly benediction. What this meant was that I found God at the foot of the cross.
The foot of the cross where pain, s…

Easter 2018, The Naming

The texts can be found here (I used the option for John)
What’s in a Name?
In the beginning, there was light from dark. Sun and moon. Earth and stars. Oceans and land. And then, from Genesis, “The Lord God formed from the fertile land all the wild animals and all the birds in the sky and brought them to the human to see what he would name them. The human gave each living being its name.” (Gen 2:19) Creation was incomplete without the naming. The book of Exodus begins with a list of names, and would have been known to Jesus not as the book of Exodus, but as Shemot—the Hebrew word for names. “She named him Moses, “because,” she said, “I pulled him out of the water.” (Exodus 1:10) She pulled him out of the water and into a new life. Moses too would draw life out of the water as he led his people through the Red Sea waters. His name encapsulates the entirety of his story. Moses’ name points towards liberation. Naming in scripture is an essential part of the biblical narrative—in fact it is s…