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Trinity Sunday, 2016

Readings appointed can be found here
What's in a Name?
I was speaking with my friend and mentor the Reverend Kate Elledge earlier this week and as we discussed this Sunday she quipped, “Trinity Sunday, a feast day dedicated to a concept!”
Other feast days are dedicated to people or events. But, this one, this one to a theological concept and a doctrine of the church. Yippee. Skippee.
And, so I considered not talking about the Trinity at all today. Instead, perhaps an exploration of life in the Johannine community—of the struggle they faced to maintain their community in the face of persecution. Or even some dedicated sermon time to the epistle writer, Paul, whose personal experience with suffering mark his attempts to convince us of God’s love.
Then, Lady Wisdom—the mysterious and enigmatic!The Lady whose nature, when coupled with the theology of the Gospel of John, encompasses the Word in Creation and the Holy Spirit.
Look, look at me, not talking about the Trinity!
But, rather l…

Feast of the Pentecost

Readings can be found here (note, I used the Genesis/Acts/John option)
The Peacemakers
She had not yet decided, whether to use her powers for good or for evil.
I’m sure many of you have seen the card. A darling child, curls across the forehead, a single finger pressed to the cheek, and a caption.
“She had not yet decided whether to use her powers for good or for evil.”
Meant as wry quip, this card names some truths that we must address.
Each of us has power.
And, it is up to us, to discern how we will use that power.
When our youth participate in the Rite 13 liturgy, we name this.It is part of the covenant they are making with this community and the communities with which they will intersect as they move out into the world.
“it is given to you to share God's power of creation. Human beings, because they are made in God's image, are the only creatures on earth who can choose how to use their creative power—not only to create new life, but also to shape the world according to God…