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Proper 21C, Rent Asunder

Proper 21C, the scripture appointed can be found here
"By Schism Rent Asunder"
It is one of the duties of the priest to share with her congregation news of the wider church. Last week, the Bishops of the Episcopal met in the city of Detroit and from their meeting issued a letter
A Word to the Church for the World (link attached for reference, but full text printed below)
“Greetings from Detroit, a city determined to be revived.  Greetings also from the city of Flint, where we are reminded that the gift of water has for many of our brothers and sisters become contaminated.
Here we have been exhorted to set our sights beyond ourselves and to minister to the several nations where we serve and the wider world.
We lament the stark joylessness that marks our present time.  We decry angry political rhetoric which rages while fissures widen within society along racial, economic, educational, religious, cultural and generational lines.  We refuse to look away as poverty, cruelty and…

The Lost Found

Proper 19C, 2016, Scripture Appointed for today linked here


Lamentation runs throughout our tradition.
And the beauty of this, is that lamentation laments what is yet hold hope for what might be.
Our passage from Jeremiah today holds to this.Lamenting the reality of God’s beloved people’s failings and the subsequent upheaval of their lives while holding forth the possibility for transformation.
Lamentation holds hope when hope seems lost. Lamentation is the grieving over what is while clinging to the possibility that this is not all that is.
This is the lament of a God who has been betrayed and God’s abiding love—a love that cannot be turned away.And, yes, the earth will mourn but there will be grace beyond the disaster.
I was asked recently, about the nature of suffering. How to hold the teachings of God’s omnipotence next to our experience of pain in this world…
And, in exploring this question, in walking the journey of my own life…
I have reached an understanding that has brought me e…