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16C, The Law is For Liberation

Proper 16C, 2013, scripture can be found here (note, we are using Track 1)
This icon before you (see example below) depicts the Gospel we heard today. It is an image of the bent over woman receiving the healing grace of Jesus.From Russia, it was a gift from members of this congregation, one of whom told me how this image in particular resonated with him because of his own back problems and his own abiding trust in God’s grace in his life.
This icon offers us an invitation to connect with the divine in our own lives. It’s intended to center us, draw us in, and move us beyond the here and now and into a glimpse of the divine that transcends.Icons don’t exist for themselves, and they are more than an image, because they serve as a means by which we are invited to see beyond ourselves and glimpse God.
Icons are intended as a pathway by which we can remember who God is and who we are called to be.
In this image conscious culture, where images are a commodity, there are still opportunities…

Proper 15C, 2016

Readings for this week can be found here +++ Why We Keep Reading the Story When we first moved to Minnesota, I was excited to remember that Minnesota figures prominently in The Little House series by Laure Ingalls Wilder. I had read the books as a child, I had the whole collection, and I loved reading about Laura and Mary—I found myself drawn to Laura with her pluck and defiance and I was fascinated by the world she depicted. So much of what I read in her books struck me as fantastical—the long winter and the twists of hay they burned to keep warm; maple sugaring with the donuts and pickles; the leeches in the mud of Plum Creek.These may as well have been fantasy when compared to the life I knew growing up on Maui. One of the things I most looked forward to in having children was the opportunity to read these books.And, I remember distinctly my own excitement when I deemed Henry FINALLY old enough to enjoy these stories.