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Church At Almost Two

Wrestling Alligators--Trying to Have a Spiritual Life of Your Own While Instilling Your Faith Traditions in Your Own Child
Last night I visited with a friend in the hospital and got to put on my priest hat for a bit...or collar as it were.  In the chatting part of the visit he inquired about our little guy and how we liked our new congregation.  I joked about the challenges of church with a toddler and he looked at me and said, "but he's a good boy!"  Yes, I agreed, but he is almost two! 
My duckling boy has in the past few months become rather sensitive to a variety of things that he formally enjoyed.  Case in point, loud noises.  
At church there are parts of the service in which the entire congregation prays aloud, together.  On occasion there is applause.  Both of these things now cause my son to start whinging (a combination of whining and cringing) and attempting to crawl into our shirts.  
So, a couple of weeks ago I suggested he cover his ears when loud things bo…

Swirling and Centering

I've been feeling a longing lately for a day--a day alone, no interruptions, no one I know.  I imagine a small cottage or hermitage, a simple kneeler with Bible and the Book of Common Prayer.  Candles and incense burning, a small wood stove and kettle for tea.  A day of turning inward, discerning and reflecting.  It needs to be in the woods, this hermitage, and it needs to have a simple pathway to its door.

A book of poems would be lovely, or some of May Sarton's journals ("Journal of a Solitude" comes to mind).  I would want it to be a day in which I let go of guilt and regret, a day in which I embrace calm and peace.  I would want it to be a day of finding joy in my callings.  There would be no internet with the multitude of voices calling to me until I can't hear any for the cacophony of it all, no news, no current events.  Just the breeze in the pines and the singing of birds.

But, I am aware as I write that I am placing too many demands on this day (do you …