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Proper 24B, On Suffering

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Propers for the Sunday closest to October 19th Job 38:1-7Hebrews 5:1-10Mark 10:35-45The Same Coin

Recently we’ve been watching the PBS series “Call the Midwife” at our house.  A mini series based on the autobiographical account entitled “The Midwife: A Memoir of Birth, Joy, and Hard Times”, by Jennifer Worth of her time spent serving as a nurse and midwife in the slums of East London.  The most recent episode detailed Jenny’s growing friendship with a disabled veteran of World War 1.  Initially revolted by his chaotic and filthy living conditions, she swiftly discovers that her patient’s life has been a rich one--chronicled by love and profound loss.  Disabled by war, he has outlived his wife and children, all of whom were victims of war.  Yet ,in the midst of his horrific losses, he demonstrates to Jenny the great gift that is love, he has lived fully and cherishes the fact that he HAS loved over the knowledge that he has also lost.…

Abstaining, from Facebook

Jon Stewart gives me hope and a laughThe best way to become sick of pumpkin is to "forget" that your wife doesn't like pumpkin pie and that your son won't eat squash and then bake an entire dish of tofu pumpkin custard.  Taking a nap sucks, not taking a nap sucks too.When you only get to preach once or twice a month it's challenging to figure out WHICH of the points you want to make.Friendly grandpa types wearing "vote yes"  (to amend the constitution to only acknowledge marriage between one man and one woman as valid) create in me a combination of cognitive discord and despair.  Temporarily disabling one's face book account makes it really obvious how reliant I've become on face book for "keeping up" with people I care about.It also allows me to continue to love and respect people who have are suffering from a temporary, and election season induced, form of insanity.   The prospect of my first solo retreat fills me with excitement and…

Various Christian Leaders Unite to Defeat Marriage Amendment | News | Alexandria News

Various Christian Leaders Unite to Defeat Marriage Amendment | News | Alexandria News

My .2 seconds of fame...of course, they didn't catch the moment when I had to explain to a colleague the difference between loving, mutually respectful, relationships and prison violence.

Seriously people, I think tsking and shaking one's head in amazement that anyone even went THERE is appropriate.

Fighting the Frump

Women's clerical wear doesn't exactly exude "high fashion" and the best I'm able to say of most of it is, well, it's not AWFUL.  I'm so glad the Garrison Keillor and crew get the plight of the ordained woman!  So, without further ado...

"As God Intended" A Post in Which I Get Sucked into the Vortex

Recently, a friend posted on facebook her deep sorrow about the “vote yes” adds.  She noted that the adds not only attack same sex couples but all relationships in which the couple does not have children for whatever reason.  In response one of her “friends” indicated that because gay and lesbian folk cannot have children “as God intended” that this is clear indication that same sex couples should not be allowed the right of marriage.  In response (yes, I got sucked into the vortex) I wrote: 
“My wife and I have beautiful son who we truly believe is a gift from God. When we say our "God Blesses" at bedtime with him he gives thanks for "Mama, Mommy and Ay-Ay" (His name isn't Ay-Ay, it's just what he calls himself!) We clearly had help in his conception--the same kind of help our straight friends who have twins got (and at the same fertility clinic). Many couples can't have children "as God intended"--in fact neither could Abraham and Sarah, that…