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This is True

Scripture for Advent 3C can be found here
Joy, Hope, Locusts and Honey

I’m not going to give you statistics—you have mpr for that.I’m not going to describe some horrific scene of terror, you have cnn for that. I’m not going to frame or spin or detail or op ed this or that for you—pick up any paper or scroll through any newsfeed for that.
What I’m going to do is preach the Gospel.I’m going to proclaim good news. I’m going to look to scripture and mine it for hope. I’m going to point to Bethlehem and every hope, and every dream, and every glimpse of that love that breaks into those places most desperately in need of love.
Because, we need hope and we need joy—because, if we lose sight of hope and we forget the joy that God takes in us, then we lose the potential to work towards the transformation of what is, into what God calls into being.
Hope keeps on going. Hope knows that we are worth saving. Hope sees the potential. Hope proclaims that today is not tomorrow and that tomorrow will be ev…

Occupy Hope, Occupy Advent

Advent 1C, 2015 Text found here Occupy Hope
There is a photo, my mother and I seated in the open hatchback of our car. Yellow grasses bend around us with the wind.  Her arm is slung about my shoulder.  I am twelve and we have driven up the mountain side to witness the total eclipse of the sun.  We are perched on what looks to be the edge of the world.
I am smiling. I do not know that in 5 years my dad will die near that very place.  I do not know that after his death my mother will careen into disaster--her fragile mental health upended by tragedy and alcohol.   
I do not know.  Nor, does she.  And, so we wait, ready with our homemade eye protection to witness an event detailed in any number of narratives foretelling the end of days--the sun, obliterated, and the end upon us.     
And, we smile, we know better.  This is not the end.  But, in retrospect, perhaps it was.  It was the end of some things and the beginning of others.  
We lived that day.  Secure in love.  I was newly twelv…


Apocalypse--the Sermon that Wasn't and the Hope that Is 28B, Readings found here
I had a lovely sermon all planned out--Hannah’s song, the themes of thanksgiving and praise; the liturgical role of Hannah’s song and my own awe that the existence of this piece within the canon makes clear the early Israelites’ understanding of God’s interest and investment in the lives of women. 
In that other, lovely, sermon I was going to invite us to explore how we use prayer--how prayer allows us to engage with God within the context of our own lives and experiences.
It was a lovely sermon...
We were going to talk about God and how we as the church have an opportunity to engage God in our own narratives--and how the gift the church offers is the forum for making those connections between the world, our lives and our God.  
I think that you would have liked that sermon...
But then, this is not that sermon.  Because, once again I find myself praying into the depth of disaster. Beirut, Baghdad, Pa…

That Dangerous and Finite House

All Saints, 2015 St. Clement’s Episcopal Church
The texts for preaching: Revelation 21:1-6aJohn 11:32-44

There are four baptismal feast days observed by the church, Baptism of Our Lord; the Great Vigil of Easter; Pentecost and All Saints.  
Baptism of our Lord because it marks the occasion of Jesus’ own baptism and God’s claiming of Jesus as the son in whom God is well pleased.  
The Great Vigil of Easter, because the texts appointed for that night explore the arc of God’s work of salvation in our midst.  From the water of creation, through the Red Sea to the baptismal waters of our own deliverance.  
Pentecost, because that feast marks the gift of the Holy Spirit to the world.  It is the birthday of the church and an occasion upon which formally joining the body of Christ through baptism becomes an opportunity to observe that the Spirit continue to move in our midst and transforms the every growing and changing body of Christ in the world.
And, then, All Saints.  All Saints because i…