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Longest Night

This is the astronomical longest night. The shortest day and the longest night of the year. This is the night upon which I hold fast to the promise offered us in scripture that, “there is a light in the darkness and the darkness shall not overcome it.” While this statement is biblical in origin, appearing in the Gospel of John (1:5) the Bible is not where I first encountered this profundity.Rather, it was in my reading of Madeleine L’Engle’s, A Wrinkle in Time in which three children find themselves confronting the growing threat of evil forces in the universe. They are not alone in the battle, they are aided by heavenly messengers. But, the heavenly messengers cannot fix things for the children. They cannot solve their problems, large or small. What these heavenly messengers can do is show them the glory of God and in that glory remind them of who they are and of the gifts they have. Remind them, that they have something that evil does not have. But, while they offer the reminder, the…

Advent 3B 2017

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I remember playing with a magnifying glass when I was little. Using it to look more closely at objects that interested me. A blade of grass, a flower, an insect, even the dirt—brought closer, made larger, and clarified through a simple lens.
A simple lens, magnifying a simple object. Magnifying it so that I could appreciate its complexity and its beauty in a way that I could not have seen on my own.
And, I am drawn to the lens. To the image gifted by a single word. A single word and a simple lens.
A simple lens, held at the right angle, to catch the light and illuminate something that we had never seen before.
Light refracted. Light intensified--and, she, and he, and we, witness to the light.
We are not the source, but we are the glass and we are the witness. To the light that shines in a world full of shadows. To the light that illuminates even the darkest of nights with a power beyond our knowing. To the lig…

Advent 1B 2017

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Nurturing Hope
I remember scrubbing so hard at the paper with my eraser that I would tear a hole. Smudged, dirty, ripped.
And, then crumpled. A new paper needed.
The old discarded.
Marred by my own heavy handedness and insistence upon perfection.
I’d messed up. I’d done it wrong.
And, in my frustration. Tears and tears.
My own mini-apocalypse as I looked down upon my creation and deemed it imperfect.
Strike through. Delete that.
It’s not right.
It’s not good.
It is broken and discarded.
Cast away from my hands and hidden in the darkness.
And, leaving me there. Disappointed and frustrated. And, afraid. Afraid to try again.
Afraid that I would make a mistake and be seen as imperfect.
As broken.
As useless.
Afraid, that I too would be thrown away, cast away as a failure.
Do you understand apocalypse? Do you understand fear? Do you understand the anxiety as we stand in the midst of brokenness and destruction?
From “m…