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Proper 6A

As per usual, readings appointed for this Sunday can be found here
Hope Born of Suffering
I have noticed a dramatic shift, well, dramatic to me, in my preaching the last several months. As I have felt myself overwhelmed by political upheaval, as people debate the nature of truth, as gun violence continues to claim lives, as our Federal government prioritizes American well-being at the expense of the earth and our international relations, as the deep divisions in our country and in our world have been exposed and in some cases dug even deeper…my preaching has changed.
But, in a fashion that surprises me…the more afraid I am, the more theological my sermons seem to have become, the more out of control our government and political structures seem…well, the more likely I’ve become to set at the center of it all our allegiance to the King of Creation over and above any allegiance to state or country. So, I’ve focused on exploring the nature of God in Christ and our relationship within……

The Feast of Pentecost

An Ode to the Spirit We Can’t Control Early on in my adult life in ministry, I served as the Youth Outreach Worker for an inner-city Cleveland congregation. Within the context of my role, I was charged with helping to facilitate the participation of children in the traditional liturgy of the Episcopal Church. Simple enough? Not quite. Any given worship service included 20-30 children, 20-30 children who arrived at church unaccompanied by any adults. We had 2 year olds in the care of 8-year-old siblings, elementary schoolers eager to tell us about the fight or the gunshots or the yelling, teenage boys showing off their new tattoos, baby mamas who were babies themselves and baby daddies who were just beginning to shave. They came, they came to church, they came hungry for care, hungry for food, hungry for a community in which they could trust that they would be safe. But, they were also hungry to share their gifts. And, so they told us in word and deed how they sought to do right in the …