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Sermon from August 29th "The Guest List"

Proper 17, year C...The Guest ListSabbath and laws; the roll of law in Jesus’ worldIf you recall, in last week’s Gospel the synagogue leader criticizes Jesus for doing a work of healing on the Sabbath.Jesus’ retort was roughly that healing was a setting free from bondage and that the “work” of healing was not only allowed but a needful action on the Sabbath.You may wonder why I am bring up the Sabbath again today…but today’s Gospel, which immediately follows the portion appointed for last week, continues in an examination of the role of law in the lives of the hearers—and how strictly to interpret those laws.Because in Jesus’ world the laws you followed told you and everyone else whether or not you were part of the community.The way you behaved and the laws which dictated your actions defined whether or not you were a member of the Jewish community.Insider status was determined by how well one followed the laws laid out in scripture and rabbinic teachings.Unlike speed limits or stop s…

Facebook Commentary

One of my relatives recently "liked" on Facebook the life fever application's statement, "never make someone a priority when they just make you an option".

If the rule of life suggested by this statement (and the many people who "like" it) is to be followed, then this has some very interesting implications for the church.


Blog shout out!

A friend and parishioner, Lisa, wrote a guest blog and gave me a shout out! I'm flattered and half tempted to run off to where she now lives to start a GLBT friendly church (just kidding, but seriously, NO GLBT friendly churches in central IL?!)

"Lack of Gay Friendly Churches"

Can anyone help her out with some suggestions (I'm thinking moving back home may not be an option!)?


Today I am 32...and I wanted to share 32 things for which I am grateful

Our little boyMy wifeA loving communityColleagues who understand when I need pastoral care and have the ability to listen to "what I'm not saying" (thanks Happeners!)
Friends who share their love with our boyThe progress our dog has made Financial stability (for which I am grateful but feel oddly guilty about)A positive birthing/mothering experienceHealth carebaby grins and gigglesOur house and the home it has becomeGood napsCOFFEE
A sense of humorCloth diapering (see #14)Baby wearing (Mei Tai; ring sling; Ergo; storch; moby...)breast feeding (see #14)The older parishioner who made it clear that she missed me when I was away at a weddingVolunteers!Good books (most recently "The Coroner's Lunch")People who "welcome the stranger", M in Minneapolis who took us to church and the airport.The smiles H elicits in complete strangersThe big tree in our front yardPicking (and eating!) frui…