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Easter 2017

Easter Sermon, 2017, scripture Matthew 28:1-10--here for the appointed texts

Green Blade Riseth From the Buried Grain
The stars produced the light long before it was seen.
The music was written before it was heard.
The seed was planted before it bloomed.
The grapes were plucked before the wine.
The wheat was threshed before the bread.

We were loved before we knew.

Upon first kick in the womb. Before our consciousness awoke. Long before we were met by the arms of the one who would hold us in our time of need and beyond.

We didn’t know then, what we know now.

But the seed was planted. The grapes were plucked. And we were welcomed.

With a love that was there before we knew.

A love that was there while it was still dark. 

A hope that emerged before the stone was moved.

It was the day before the knowing. And deep in the earth a seed sprouted and forced its way through the cracks and water sprung forth. And the resurrection happened.

It happened. While we grieved, while we fasted, while we cried aloud…

Good Friday 2017

The narrative of the Passion can be found here
The Summary of the Gospel Hangs on a Barren Tree
A colleague, in the ordination process, was confronted by an examiner who asked “what is the summary of the Gospel of John?”
She did not know.
Three years later, after concluding her seminary degree, she was asked this question again.
What is the summary of the Gospel of John?”.
Her reply?The summary of the Gospel of John is love.
And so, on this night, let us sit in that place and consider the love of the one who first loved us.
And in that consideration, I offer a poem, written by Anglican Priest and Poet R.S. Thomas (poem title “The Coming”)
And God held in his hand A small globe. Look, he said. The son looked. Far off, As through water, he saw A scorched land of fierce Colour. The light burned There; crusted buildings Cast their shadows: a bright Serpent, a river Uncoiled itself, radiant With slime. On a bare Hill a bare tree saddened The sky. Many people Held out their thin arms To it, as t…