Saturday, April 13, 2013

"Do You Love Me?"

I’ve spent much of my adulthood thus far wrestling with the question, “am I an admirer of Jesus or a follower?”  Given the relative luxury many of us live in, given our power and privilege in the world, given...

are we following Christ or merely admiring Christ?  

I imagine, in many ways, that this is the question being posed to Peter.

Will you admire me?  Or will you follow me?

Because, it is in the following that you will lose all sense of control.  It is in the following that you will expose yourself to all the suffering that the world can bring.  It is in the following that you will take the risk of letting the world into the upper room.  And, it is in the following, that the upper room will become the world ENTIRE.  

Because, letting the world in is not enough.  We must enter the world and embrace all that we see.  This is not a sedentary or isolated faith experience to which we are called.  It is not an experience that’s meant for our entertainment or our delight.  It is not an experience of hedonistic pleasure nor of quiet relaxation.

In our scripture today we hear that this faith experience is one of being blinded, realizing everything you thought you stood for was wrong, of being sent to those who frighten you and being shaken to the core.

It is leaping into the water impulsively and faithfully pulling in the nets.  It is one of offering chances and meeting people where they are (no matter where).  It is one of baptism and repentance and encounter and transformation.

It is one that demands the you love me?

Following or Admiring?

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Manisha said...

It is this sentence..."It is leaping into the water impulsively and faithfully pulling in the nets."...that really helped me understand what you are saying. Thanks. This was a really nice post/sermon.

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