Living Life a Moment at a Time

It's interesting, as I've wrestled with the implications of stepping back from part or even full time parish work in order to focus on the needs of our family and our little guy, I've often said that "the church has been around for over 2,000 years...he's only been here 2".  By this, I mean that the time I spend as a stay at home parent (with supply gigs to keep my toes in the water) will be relatively short and that there will be a call following the one I answered by becoming a parent.  

Then, I read this "Why Women Still Can't Have It All" and found myself enthralled by the author's clarity and honesty...and comforted.  Because, I have found that the notion of "having it all" set me up to feel like a failure.  A failure as a parent and as a priest.  Yet, I am neither a failure as a parent or as a priest--I am a human being who, when faced with a difficult decision, opted to approach life a bit differently.  

Because the truth may be closer to this...none of us can have it the same time. Perhaps it's worth thinking of life lived like the many courses of an amazing meal...they aren't served all at once, but one at a time so that we can fully savor what has been offered.

I hope I can savor this one...


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