Merry Christmas

Christmas for me has always contained a degree of loneliness and melancholy tempered by several degrees of joy.

And, I know the manger has room for both.

May the God who weeps and rejoices, the God who stands watch and upholds, the God who dwells in cold nights and warm ones alike, the God of the squalling babe and the laughing fool, be with you this day and always.  Amen

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Rubel said…
Doesn't "Allah Akbar" mean something like "God is Big"? Instead of interpreting that as "my God is bigger than your God, nyah nyah," I always preferred the "big tent" God of your xmas eve posting, the one with room for it all.

Love and kindness and respect for the less warm fuzzy sides of ourselves, Allan
Joy said…
Totally with you! I've always thought it awfully presumptuous of me to try to put God in any particular box! Someone once shared with me a proverb, "there are many paths up the mountain, but the only one wasting their time is the one running around the bottom of the mountain telling everyone else that their path is wrong". Wish I could remember who shared that with me! Love right back at you!

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