The trip got stranger

Okay, so the first and last time I updated this I was serving as a pediatric chaplain. About 5 months ago I realized (with the help of my beloved wife) that serving as the sole chaplain in a 244 bed children's hospital (handling at the very least one death a week without any support from other clergy or chaplains) was a slow way to die. So, two months ago (on October 30th to be exact) I left that call for another. The date was intentional--I used to joke that on Halloween I got to have two different conversations, "no, this is not a costume. I'm really a priest" and "no, I don't believe that Halloween is a tool of Satan". It was a very difficult decision to make and I struggled (and still do) with the feeling that I was abandoning these folk I had very much come to love. But, martyrdom is overrated and I came to realize that serving God can and should be a joyful task. So, I now serve as the half-time associate rector at a lovely church in Akron, OH. I will post some material I have written for other sites and occasions to this blog and will aim to update this blog weekly (at the very least). Peace and God, shield the joyous.


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