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Epiphany 7A; Kinder Than Necessary

Scripture appointed for today can be found here
To God the Glory
Around this time last year, our then five-year-old started to repeat a short phrase that we later learned was the guiding principle of his kindergarten classroom.
Be kinder than necessary.
Four words. Four simple words born of love and care, that have truly reshaped my own understanding of what is sufficient.
To be kind. Yes. But, to be kinder than I need to be…well, that has proven transformative on more than one occasion.
To be kinder than necessary is born of grace and generosity. It assumes that we are capable of so much more and in this it is empowering. To be kinder than necessary offers us an opportunity to convey grace, to shine a light, and to embody love.
In this, the phrase itself, is a challenge and a declaration; an affirmation and a gift.
And, I learned it not in the bowels of the seminary library or sitting listening intently to some sermon or another, but in a kindergarten classroom.
A kindergarten classroom wh…

Epiphany 6A

Scripture appointed for today can be found at: Note, I went with Deuteronomy...
If This…Then X; If That…Then Y
This week I spent a significant chunk of time grappling with the scripture appointed for today. And, in the midst of this grappling I found myself reflecting upon another genre of literature entirely.
Choose your own adventure.
Remember those books?If you were a young child in the 80s they were the bread and butter of junk fiction.
One popular edition titled “The Mystery of Chimney Rock” began as follows…
“On your vacation in Connecticut, you notice a huge, empty stone house at the top of a hill. The old house, known as "Chimney Rock:' is so dark and gloomy that most people won't go near it.
But you're the curious type. Should you see for yourself what's inside?
If you say, "I'll do it!" turn to p. 4. If you say, "No thanks!" turn to p. 6.”
At the pinnacle of every ac…