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Renounce and Sanctify--Another Sermon in the Aftermath of Massacre)

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Renounce and Sanctify

The service of baptism in the Episcopal Church includes what is known as the “examination” during which the individual being baptized (or parents and godparents on behalf of an infant or child being baptized) answers a series of questions, the first three of these are as follows:
QuestionDo you renounce Satan and all the spiritual forcesof wickedness that rebel against God?AnswerI renounce them.

QuestionDo you renounce the evil powers of this worldwhich corrupt and destroy the creatures of God?AnswerI renounce them.

QuestionDo you renounce all sinful desires that draw youfrom the love of God?AnswerI renounce them.

And, each and every time I engage in baptismal preparations with a family we get to this portion of the service and I explain that the first three of these questions are about what we are turning away from in baptism. And, that, as a church and as human beings we need language in order to attempt t…

Proper 6C, To Go in Peace

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4 Jars, 2 Sinners, 1 Command
Three alabaster jars. Actually, there are four alabaster jars and four women in four Gospels. In three of the Gospels, Matthew and Mark, the woman is a prophet and her act of loving service will be told in remembrance of her.The focal point in these narratives is the prophetic action and the love of the women. In neither Mark or Matthew, Mark being the earliest written, is the woman described as being sinful.
There is also a woman with an alabaster jar in the Gospel of John, and likewise an emphasis on the woman’s anointing being a for-shadowing of Jesus’ death. In John, the woman with the Alabaster jar of nard is named Mary and is the sister of Lazarus.
Held up against these other narratives, Luke is unique in this description of the woman with the alabaster jar as a sinner. There is a sinful woman who is forgiven in the Gospel of John, but she appears at a separate point in the story and she has no al…