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Easter Day

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In Which, We Rise!
On the first day of the week, they woke up thirsty. Drinking from a clay cup, and eating a bit of bread. Their bodies demanded sustenance.
On the first day of the week, they woke up with the dawn and slipped their feet into the sandals they’d left at the door. Then, one foot in front of the other, they lived as they’d always lived.
On the first day of the week, they wondered what they would say to to those who’d be sure to say, “I told you so.” They felt ashamed.
On the first day of the week, they were stricken yet also angry. They had hoped so much, given so much. And, now this.Now this.
On the first day of the week, they knew what had happened but not what they would find.
Yet, having arisen from the pain, knowing that there wasn’t much beyond keeping on, keeping on, they went.
They took their broken hearts and bitter tears and went.
They took the fragrant spices.
They took their fear.
And, they went to the grave…

Lent 5C, an Invitation to the Way

Lent 5C, 2016, St. Clement’s

As always, the readings can be found here
About 1/3 of this is from Lent 5C, 2013, revisited. Or rather, it was from Lent 3C re-visited, but then child asked an important question...and reminded all of us that preaching is a lived art and you can read a sermon but it won't be THE sermon.  Because, the Holy Spirit moved in big ways this Sunday and mid-sermon a child in the congregation asked, audibly, "why did Jesus die?" So, I stopped and answered him, "they were afraid of him. People were afraid that his love was for everyone. And, when people are afraid, they don't make the right choices." (I'm paraphrasing). Sometimes what needs said was never written down.  I will note below when this interlude occurred.  +++
Today, we draw closer to Jerusalem. With Mary of Bethany, Lazarus, Judas, and Jesus, we gather in a single room.
Lazarus, resurrected. Mary oh, so, grateful for another chance. Judas, hoarding the wealth. Jesus, knowin…