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A Phoenician Woman From Syria

Proper 18B, readings found here
She was a Phoenician woman from Syria.
Allow me to repeat myself.
She was a Phoenician woman from Syria.
Far from home, and with a sick child, this Phoenician woman from Syria had heard rumors of a man who could help.
And, so she pressed her cool lips to her daughter’s forehead and abandoned her bedside vigil.
She asked in the streets if anyone had seen this man. And, rumors of his power swirled about and there were whispers and proclamations, and finally a crowd of the faithful, nay fanatical, to be found outside the home where he had sought respite from the mid-day heat and the urgency of need which surrounded him wherever he went.
And, remembering the touch of her lips on her dear ones forehead, she steeled herself to beg at the feet of this man of power.  
In the rumors lay all of her hope.
And so this Phoenician woman from Syria genuflected low. She could taste the dust and the …