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Why the strange land?

This is my second attempt at starting a blog (some of my older posts can be found at and hopefully will serve as a place where I can reflect on my vocation, my life trajectory, and my dog in as non-indulgent a fashion as possible. So, as a means of introducing this new blog I would like to explain why I titled it "The Strange Land".

When I was in the 9th grade I read the Robert Heinlein book Stranger In a Strange Land. Suddenly, my own sense of isolation ended, as I realized the universality of feeling like a stranger in a strange land. Some of my favorite quotes have to do with this sense of "foreigness"--"not fish nor fowl nor good red herring" and "a wandering Aramean was my ancestor".

Currently, I work as a chaplain in a pediatric hospital and I find that as I wander about this secular institution I get double takes as people process the seeming incongruety of the black clerical shirt, band collar, and hospital badge on a …