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Lent 4A

Already But Not Yet--Easter is Coming
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I began looking at this text wrestling with the question of what needed to be addressed in the sermon.  With a Gospel three pages long, there was a great deal to wrestle with.  The context of the author of John in which early Christians were being cast out of the synagogues and his writing reflects his anger at this; the problem and grace of healing narratives; then of course, there is the question of mud...
But, then I stepped back and asked myself the question I ask every week, “Where is the grace”.
Today has traditionally been the day the church has called Laetere Sunday from the phrase “Rejoice O Jerusalem” and has a history in the church being a time in which congregants are invited to take a break from the austere journey of Lent and see beyond the now and remember the already. The already risen, the already living, the already Chr…

Lent 2A

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Is it Morning Yet?
This is a story most appropriate for daylight savings…and for all of us who wonder when the night will end,

A Rabbi once asked his students, “how do we know when the night has ended and the day has begun?” Immediately the students thought that they grasped the importance of the question. There are, after all, prayers that can be recited and rituals that can be performed only at night. And there are prayers and rituals that belong only to the day. It is therefore important to know when the night has ended and day has begun.

So the brightest of the students offered an answer: “When I look out at the fields and I can distinguish between my field and the field of my neighbor’s, that’s when the night has ended and day has begun.” A second student offered her answer: “When I look from the fields and I see a house and I can tell that it’s my house and not the house of my neigh…