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Coming Out Day

It's funny, really--I think I may have reached a point where I take being out for granted.  I came out at 15/16ish (you know, extroverts!) and have spent the last 20 years of my life in varying stages of peace and anxiety around various aspects of my identity.  But, the last few years have been ones of peace and it is from within that peace that I managed to completely forget about National Coming Out Day (October 11th).

But, it's an important opportunity to remember that there are far too many folks in this world who will never have the opportunity to be at peace within their selves, their families and their communities.  That many, many, many folks are still cast out, shamed, ridiculed, excluded, denigrated and killed, on account of their gender or sexual identity.

So, today, the day after...

I pray for the hurting, the broken, the shamed and scorned.  The folks for whom the act of coming out becomes an act of martyrdom.  I pray for those who give witness to a life lived op…

Saying "Yes": A Sermon for Francis the Fool

Sometimes I feel like church is a place full of "no" and "stop".
No, you can't put the kneeler down Stop talking please You need to sit still No, you can't go to coffee hour until church is over Stop playing under the tree, it's time for church Stop squirming Sit still Stand up Sit down Shhh, I will tell you later 
And today,  Shhh, no bark!!  
Now, I totally get why the “nos” are there (whenever I sit with my family I’m pretty much like a non-stop no machine!)  and respect for sacred space, silence and the needs of the gathered community are to be observed (when possible!)  
But, I can't help but wonder how St. Francis would have felt about this litany of no and stop and shhh.
And, for this I am thankful for days like today, where the answer can be yes, yes to noise, and confusion, yes to joyful exclamation!  Yes, you can bring your fish to church!  Yes, your lovey can leave the house today!  Stand up and look!  Sing as loud as you can!  
The saint who sang the su…